Reminder: July 1, 2024 for Microsoft services

Reminder: July 1, 2024

What will happen to the CMU account for Microsoft services?


1.     Teams Accounts:

-        Action Required: Delete Teams created by all current, alumni students, and retired or resigned employees.

Note: Starting June 15 2024, to create new Teams will be restricted. If you need to create Teams, please contact your department administrator.

More details info:

2. Teams Classroom:

-        Action Required: Delete Teams Classrooms for courses created before the 1/67 academic year.

-        Alternative: Online teaching can use the Mango Canvas tools.

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3.     Discontinue the CMU Account ( services for all alumni students. Impact: Accounts with the domain will no longer be able to log in.

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4.     OneDrive storage will be reduction to 15 GB. Effectively July 1, 2024, any account exceeding the 15GB limit will be set to read-only mode, August 1, 2024, any files on OneDrive exceeding the limit will be deleted. More announcement details:

*Updated info as of June 14, 2024



Do not hesitate to contact our administrator through the online channel: